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One of the problems of internet presence for any site was the complexity of various Services administration. For this Windows NT has unsuspected advantage over UNIX that only very few processionals know to take the full advantage of it.

What is needed to normal Internet site operation?

The list of the services that are required or recommended for normal site functioning is not to short, this is partial list of the services needed:

All of this required UNIX in old time but today almost everything exist also on NT that in my opinion (and I believe on yours) is much more convenient to manage.

I've established this mailing list in order to discuss administration problems for Windows NT in Internet environment and I hope this will help us to make it easy and large the number of NT sites on Internet.

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If you expirience difficulty unsubscribing, you can request help from Brin Jenkins from Net-Shopper Ltd., which kindly hosts the list.

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